The Quote Marshal


Nationalism in India has seen a phenomenal subscriber growth in the last one-year, perhaps second only to Jio which also qualifies as a necessary condition to be a government sponsored nationalist.

These are challenging times, don’t get me wrong, not because of the difficulties but because some people have become intellectually challenged. And to identify them it merely takes a quick stroll through your Facebook feeds or the 73487658758374710949937364850th message on that one WhatsApp group that everyone has muted for eternity.

No, I’m not talking about that lonely person in your contact list, who, either has a failed relationship or controls time, and therefore has enough time to forward all the WhatsApp messages received on the very same WhatsApp group no one really gives a damn about.  Even less damn than Congress gives about their own future, and that is a figure only less than infinity my friend!  So here are some basic points you can use to spot a pawn of this pseudo movement of Nationalism in India!








Dr. Iqra Suggests and heavily so, that India even with its flaws and struggles has stood the test of time to be one of the most tolerant Nations of the world and that is because -the influence of Indian ideology which was modern, artistic and rational influenced every culture and belief here. Tinkering with it to make a saffron Saudi is perhaps the most anti-nationalist and anti-hindu thing ever. And this is coming from a pro-hindu muslim.

Author: Iqra Raza

Edited by: Tabish Ahmed

P.S: Contains 5% real pulp of orange nationalism, extracted from Kesariya Balama song, Anupam Kher tweets, Patanjali Products and Tanmay Bhatt’s paunch.