Kapil Sharma Fights Sunil Grover Like Those Epic Boss-Battles In Games

Kapil Sharma Fights With Sunil Grover

Slapstick lord of Indian comedy, Kapil Sharma has been roaring with success lately with big bucks and Bollywood stars flying towards him. The slapstick comedian is well known for his witty jokes(at times) and for tweeting under the influence of alcohol. But things have been going haywire because of his drinking habits, and this is causing some serious harm to the image of this adarsh-y family show comedian.

However, a few days back news broke in that controversy’s favourite child, Kapil Sharma, indulged in a fight with his co-star Sunil Grover while on their return from Australia. Not only did the sanskaari comedian hurled abuses at his co-star and ‘close friend’, when the authorities intervened he went on to assault Sunil(what are friends for?). This has resulted in a mammoth backlash from the fans of Sunil Grover who has gradually gained respect as an almost parallel show runner. It would not be unfair to say, with show being absolutely bland and low on quality writing, Grover has been the only saving grace of the show. Most of the other comedians have timing poorer than fake watches from Palika Bazaar and have usually nothing to say other than usual sexist jokes which are even hollower than vacuum.


kapil sharma fight with sunil Grover
Kapil Sharma Fights Sunil Grover Source : The Indian Express

Controversy Ka-Pill

Kapil Sharma not only hurled abuses but was eager to show a poor imitation of WWE brawl when he tried to assault Sunil. Luckily, he escaped being restrained by the staff as the crew intervened. For his clarification Kapil did not swerve away from his usual levity stating, “Actually humari har flight main ladai hoti hai, Har jagah ladai hoti hai.It is a healthy fight…We fight for work…We fight for good work.”

From the Spot Boy!

As per the opinion of a spot boy, Kapil Sharma was totally out of his senses and started abusing Sunil after going on a rant against him “tu hai kaun, Tera show flop gaya tha tu mera naukar hai.”

Beyond which Kapil Sharma also tried to punch Sunil, after which some passengers requested an emergency landing but luckily Kapil’s team was able to bring the situation under control. We may not have an advice for Kapil Sharma here, but certainly his team got skills. And we suggest the government to employ them for riot control and law and order issues, because their disciplinary efficiency to avert an emergency landing has certainly hit the roof.



  • In 2015 he also misbehaved with marathi actress Deepali Sayyed(What a secular name there)
  • Kapil Sharma also cancelled the promotion of Sunil’s film ‘Coffee with D’ on his show(Awww)
  • Kapil Sharma has also been involved in a cold war with previous co-star Krushna Abhishek
  • And we all know how he went on a rant against the prime minister on twitter, come on Kapil that’s Sir Kejriwal’s domain!

After all this Kapil obviously diverted the issue by saying it is a family matter and they share a brotherly vibe. Perhaps it is much like the brotherly vibe which Thor and Loki share, or Wolverine and Sabretooth.

We really hope Sunil Grover is back on the show, else it will be a big loss to the show and its talent quotient.

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