The Quote Marshal


Our Jaal-Path Lab Human Microbe Expert Pat-Oh Logist, Abhijit Dey provides his expert opinion on how to spot an insecure, validation seeking hardcore misogynist on the internet.

While the world is round (technically almost) such misogynists claim to be straight yet, have always failed to enter into a relationship with someone from the opposite gender and are often seen cribbing about how women are responsible for all of it. The only appeal they have is the one they are keeping safe for use later in a judicial court, when, possibly and hopefully they will be framed for a criminal act. Although, despite their sheer poverty of appeal, they still think women are responsible for all of it. The symptoms are often ignored and seem very normal on the surface, however, Dr. Dey suggests their attention seeking tendencies easily expose them to the normal world.

So here are the Seven-Signs you can use to spot an Internet Misogynist.

  1. Will make derogatory “Feminist Jokes”, and there will always be FOUR-HOARSE MEN liking them. In case the post fails, you will see a lame meme from a non-working Facebook Page with Jokes Poorer than you are in your 20’s.

  2. Will always say “Feminists Get Offended by Anything”, neglecting their own hypocrisy to post such crap.

  3. Will always make one remark to portray themselves as the virile, chest thumping, cologne exploding “MAN”! With such terrible marketing skills, you can well understand why they are single.

  4. They will mock any male feminist, with terms such as “White Knight”, or “Mangina” or etc, because it gives them angina pain seeing any gentleman around, for the very reason that person might get a girlfriend soon. Oh, you nasty lads.

  5. They will overuse the “Triggered” memes, to highlight their intellectual poverty, or will body-shame, and will blatantly objectify a woman, and yes they consider porn stars and sex workers as an inferior human sub-species. But, they use the incognito mode the most for the educational stuff, ah you know what we mean!

  6. Will use personal attacks, much more than Kamal R Khan or will present illogical facts as “logic” citing them as “alternative facts”, well you know the trump supporting gene pool is out there and flourishing! Ah, but not these, they won’t reciprocate! Hell Yes!

  7. They will replace the word feminism with “egalitarian” any and everywhere, for that’s the only fancy word they know and they think women are catching up too fast so why not divert the issue. Ah, they also churn out expletives for people with a non-straight orientation, and will often demand a “Straight Pride Day” just because they want to be on the front page too.



Field Ex- Pert and Symptoms Researched By : Abhijit Dey

Editor: Tabish Ahmed


P.S: No Misogynists were harmed during the research for this article. Also, the Pat-Oh Logist suggests he needs no gifts, and his surname should not be mistaken for a request to give. So Dhyaan Na Dey