Did You Know History Of Pizza…How Pizza Got its Circular Shape?

History of pizza

History of pizza is as round as it is served. However, avoiding the debate let’s jump to the documented origins. The first pizza word was first documented in 997 AD in Gaeta, and then eventually in Italy. But, you know Greeks love to take the credit for inventing anything and everything so some trace the origins back to foods similar to pizza, and developed by Ancient Greeks, Persians (you read that right) and the French.

Given the mammoth popularity pizza enjoys and the cheery faces of dominos and pizza-hut guys, throwing offers at you. You can can walk up to almost any stranger in the street and ask them what their favourite food is, and there’s a good chance that their first thought will be this heavenly round disk loaded with oozing cheese.

History Of Pizza
History Of Pizza

But why the hell is it round!

Coming to the technical aspects of its shape, Before discussing History Of Pizza lets talk about History of pizza’s box first,Think how fragile a round box would be! One or two hinges of the box, will not only be small but will make it easily damageable. Compare that to a square-shaped box now, and it has a relatively large and stable hinge that is very difficult to damage.

Now, coming to the space within a square-shaped box. Since, the square box is accommodating a round pizza, space will be left in the four corners of the box. Not only this space makes it much easier for a person to lift a piece of pizza, it also comes handy to keep the extra items, like oregano and the divine chilli-flakes which make you gaga over the pizza!

So, it’s actually cheaper to make square boxes than circular ones.

Pizza Fact’s

Wait for it, physics invaded this too! Pizza dough is stretched by spinning the lump of dough in the air, which of course takes advantage of the centrifugal force, rounding it in the process. Imagine that dominos guy forming a rectangular pizza by spinning it in the air! Nah, no superhero magic here, that’s not going to happen.


Your Round Pizza!

So next time you wonder why your pizza is round and why those pizza guys offer you discounts weekly, well they just saved a lot on the boxes. Only, to allow you to slide your fingers into those convenient spaces in the corners of the box without any delay in munching on that divine piece of pizza perfection!

Author: Tauseef Ahmad

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